Saturday, January 24, 2009

First few sold pieces!

After a few days of slogging (okay lar, actually I was having a great deal of fun, haha.)
here are some of my first few sold pieces! :)

Names and prices will not be revealed for confidentiality issues.

This is a bunny with a squash racket, as a necklace charm. The buyer chose to have the pink gem on the bunny's bobtail. :)

Measurements: Height - 3.5cm, Width: 2.5cm

Accompanying carrot stick earrings.

Measurements: Length - 2cm, Width - 0.5cm

This is a purple hippo, with an orange jerberra, attached to a handphone strap.
I adore the little baby teeth.

Measurements: Height - 4cm, Width - 2.5cm

Do keep those mails coming! :)

love, joce.

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