Saturday, May 14, 2011

My new shop (and fish burger again.)

Firstly, thank you for all the compliments on my miniature Mcdonald's meal, I never expected the feedback to be that huge! I received more Flickr and blog hits than ever, and I must thank you for all the kind words you've showered. :) 

I get all warm and fuzzy inside everytime I wake up and see a new comment.

And not because I want to dig for more compliments, but I've been hard at work designing AiClay packaging, and now the fish burger meal is AiClay-fied and ready to be bought! I dressed it in shades of ochre and red.

And since I don't think anyone would want to hear me ramble on about fast food for 2 entries straight, I would like to explain more about my new shop.


The shop is independent of Etsy, which means you do not have to be an Etsy member to purchase any items. The store takes Paypal, or credit/debit cards, so you don't even have to be a Paypal member! 

Everything would be conducted via Paypal, so it remains an entirely secure process. I'm always for reducing hassles of online shopping. :) This deserves a good HOORAY!

I have always absorbed all Paypal and Etsy charges, so prices would remain the same between the Etsy and independent shops. I'm still deciding if I should keep my Etsy store, maybe I should move the higher-priced items to my independent shop. Advice, anyone?

 Please pardon the shop for now, if it looks incomplete. I am not good with coding and this is my best effort before I can hire someone to give the shop a make-over. -coughs and mumbles incoherently about lack of funds.

Please let me know if you spot any glitches in the store, whether it be navigation or during payment. :)

A customary photo. The tray measures 4cm by 2.5cm, or 1.6inches by 1inches.

It's the weekend here, and it looks like a really lovely day with heaps of sunshine. :) I'm off to enjoy it!

P.S You can contact me straight through the store, without having to open up your mail! Try it, ask me questions, talk miniatures, tell me about your day! :)


  1. Very good! It looks like it's not real, but I guess it is. Really beautiful!

  2. Great work,I have difficulty to thing that it is a miniature.Glad that I have found your blog :-)! Jeannette

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  4. I love it, it's sooo amazingly realistic ! and these chips with ketchup are just murderous !!