Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Labour Day!

I can't believe I actually wrote "Yes, I work all year round." on AiClay's facebook page on Saturday. And guess what, I totally played the weekend away. Pretty ironic that it's Labour Day hur.

Oh wait,I did sneak in a bit of work. I made a colour chart by mixing up fixed amounts of clay. This will come in handy especially when I make colorful food like macarons and cupcake frostings.

I've always found Labour Day to be a rather interesting public holiday, do you celebrate it in other countries as well? And do share about other unique public holidays your country celebrates! :)


  1. We have it in the US too. It's the first Mon in September...I think. lol It's the unofficial end of summer and kids used to start school the next day. They start earlier now, but a lot of people still go to the beach (or lake, pool, whatever) or cook out one last time.

    Memorial Day (for casualties of wars; we also have a day for surviving veterans in November) is in a few weeks and people treat that as the unofficial start of summer. It's the last Monday in May...I think. lol That's usually the first cookout of the new year and when people start wearing summer clothes. They used to say you could only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day...which I never understood.

    Sorry for rambling. lol

  2. Oh, no apologies accepted blitherypoop! I absolutely love it when I get long comments, the longer the better! :D

    That's interesting, learning that the same public holiday can get celebrated so far apart in different countries! and it's awesome that you guys have start/end of summer, over here it's just a year long affair of storms and humid weather. :)