Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crunchy apples.

Remember those apples in the last post? They have their stems attached now. :)

The name of this bear is Pinkerton, made lovingly by The Magic Hour. It came along with the BJD (Ai) I won at a fair in 2009, and it is adorable, ain't it?

Speaking of fairs, I have just registered for a booth at TDA 2011(The Doll's Affair). For all those who will be in the country, I really hope to see you all there on 18th June! :)

A little apple for Ai (that's her basking in the sun). The apple's about 1cm in height, not counting the stem.

Just an update on the cookie ring, a friend of mine just bought one for his wife. After so long, I'm still thrilled everytime a friend appreciates what I do. :)


  1. Snow White's step-mother would love them!

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  3. Janice, hahah you're sure right! the redder the better eh!

    Kathy, aww thanks so much! :)