Sunday, April 24, 2011

Prematurely wrinkled hands.

and they are not what I want you to focus on, ahem. These are my hands, really. 

Actually I'm looking at them (the hands) right now, and they don't look half as wrinkled as the one in the photo. I guess the many lines and creases just show up a lot clearer on these close-ups, how unflattering for them haha.

So now that we've got it all cleared up that I didn't coerce a grandparent to model my products, how was your Good Friday weekend

Friday was a public holiday here, so hooray for those on salary and it's just another usual week for the non-salaried (aka me).

I did get busy though, and here are some miniature apples (without stalks yet). Those of you who've been asking for apple earrings, watch this space!

The background (below) is of blocks of flats which are right across my building, so close I can totally see into each of their houses. That is how it is in land-scarce Singapore, we make use of our land by building upwards (tall flats!) and as packed as architecturally possible.


I am so fond of wearing my cookie ring everywhere now. I never used to be a fan of rings, but the wide ring band makes wearing this totally comfortable. Sometimes I even forget I have it on, until I look down and see the chocolate chips smiling up at me. :)

I also have some matching cookie earrings to show, but that shall wait till I get better photos. Shoo dark skies! 

Wow, I just saw the posts for April and hey ho, this is actually my 4th post, a drastic improvement from my singular post a month statistic before! Now, that deserves a real pat on my back. -twists arm round to perform the feat. :)


  1. Hiya,
    No don't worry - everyone has hands which look like this close up! I am 29 and I learnt that by applying moisturizer before I take the photos I can have much nicer looking hands. You should try it next time. :) Love the cookie ring...!
    Caroline (Hummingbird Miniatures) x

  2. Hi Caroline! :) Thanks so much, moisturizer, got it!! :D