Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little red ruby raspberry tartlets.

They do resemble little clusters of ruby gems, don't they. 

Especially when the heap of raspberries are drizzled with some sugar glaze, the red simply glows.

I'm often wondering where should I place the photos where my finger makes its grand appearance

Not in a crude manner of course, ahem. I used to leave it till the last, but decided to put it in the middle now instead. Do let me know if I should revert to the old positions, or maybe they make no difference at all.

These miniature tartlets measure around 0.9cm, or 0.35" at its widest.

Somehow these photos are hauntingly familiar, although I swear I just took them this afternoon. If I've already blogged about this or posted similar photos, do let me know so I can dig a hole and shove my head in there.

This entire set of tartlets and cake stand is available here in my Etsy store, or at the sidebar. :)


  1. Looks wonderful.. and tasty ;-)

    Great job Jocelyn!

  2. how in the world did you make those raspberries!!so small!

  3. The food looks so realistic! You did put a picture of some of these tartlets in one of your christmas posts, but it's nice to see them again :)

  4. Wonderful! Your raspberries look so real.

  5. This is just soo cute
    Love your blog!

  6. thanks you all! :) and Lauren, ahhh now I remember! No wonder they looked familiar hehh. :)

  7. Jocelyn, these raspberry tartlets are so wonderful! The tiny berries are stunningly perfect!