Sunday, April 10, 2011

A celebration with candles.

When I see candles, I think - birthday wishes, pretty cakes, party hats, celebrations.

Which is exactly what this post is about.

If you've been following me on twitter/facebook, you would already have known this. But for the rest, remember this post, my longest rant on the site ever?

Fast forward a year later.

Yesterday, I bade my lovely colleagues at work goodbye, as I decided to leave the working world and return to AiClay, full-time. Instead of  writing a novel about it, this time I'll keep my thoughts short. :)

So I've said this entry's a celebration.

To celebrate me returning to what I love most, where I know best, and for having the courage to give up on what I've grown to get used to in the past year. The last part has me shamelessly clapping myself on the back.

Of course there are still times when I've let worry got to me, or gotten discouraged by careless words, or allowed doubt to obscure my dreams. But for every hurtful remark, there are twice as many supportive comments, twice as many do-us-prouds, twice as many inspiring stories. :)

So for now, I'll make an earnest wish for all good things, and blow out the candle in one big puff.

Please stay and share the cake, won't you? :)


  1. Jocelyn,
    Good luck as you pursue minis full-time!

    Pamela ~
    1 Oak Arts

  2. Good luck, it's great to see someone following her wishes.Rosanna

  3. Good luck! I applaud you for your courage! Go go go!


  4. Good Luck with your new laid back life! Your sculptures are so nice :), can you make some tutorials?

  5. Thanks for the well wishes, all! :)

    Lauren, I'm hoping to make more tutorials too, will post them once I've gotten down to them! :) For now, I have a simple one about making miniature lunch bags. :)

  6. Hello Joce :D


    Keep the goodies coming in!

    It makes me very, very happy that you are following your dreams ^^

    Good luck!


  7. Candles are amazing, well done indeed.