Thursday, April 21, 2011

a cookie and a yellow brolly.

For the past few weeks, it's been crazy weather in Singapore. It would swing from extremes, from cheerful (sometimes too cheery) sun rays beating down , to dark skies and booming thunder a few minutes later. 

Since I'm mostly home working on AiClay, I can't say I've been affected much, except that grey skies equals bad lighting which equals to no product photoshoots. Oh, and that I amuse myself by watching from my dry abode on the 12th storey, at how unfortunate umbrella-less people behave when the thunderstorm hits.

There's the smartly-dressed executive performing a brisk rain-walk in her newest heels, the teenager who's just reached the awkward age where he feels everyone's staring at him and decides to suavely strut in the rain with head bowed, the aunty carrying her daily haul of groceries and running clumsily to the nearest shelter. 


But once in a while, I'll have to head out myself. And then I'll remember the  above-mentioned people and reach out for a brolly. Today, I was feeling all HIMYM and chose a yellow umbrella.

And I put on my freshly-made cookie ring, I love how they exude warmth paired together. Much needed from all that gloomy rain.


May the skies be clear in your side of the world. :)

P.S I'll be back to post more on that cookie.

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  1. Hi Jocelyn, I enjoyed this post! And i'm a fan of HIMYM as well! haha :)