Saturday, May 28, 2011

The forgotten pictures.

I would like to say it's been a mad rush getting ready for TDA 2011. But in all honesty, I'm a huge procrastinator and youtube is evil. From recent personal experience, I highly recommend banning this site when you have deadlines to meet or assignments to complete.

And if there's one sense I'm sorely lacking of, it's a sense of urgency. The event is only 3 weeks away! Repeats 2324028374X to get the panic mode on.

A random photo of packaging for sold orders - tarts.

 Sesame seeds, and yet another of burgers.

A few days ago, it was getting unbearably hot in Singapore. 

The sunrays were beating down on me, even in my room! I felt like I was developing a tan just by sitting at my worktable and crafting, so I finally put down my tools and took out my camera.

wink. ;)

Oh yes, if you're a BJD-lover and resides in Singapore, TDA just posted their grand prize for their photography competition. I don't think you'll want to miss that, so send in your entry quick! :)


  1. Love the backlit brushes on the last one!

    And the sesame seeds. You amaze me.

  2. Dear Jocelyn,

    Your work is so wonderful! Look at that little box! My God! The burger is the cutest thing ever, so real!!! LOVE your photos too! Wish I was in Singapore to attend The Doll Affair! *sigh* Maybe you can take some photos and share with us!

    PS. Also thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and your kind comment! ox

  3. Thank you Marisa! Yes I didn't think the brush with golden bristles would be as pretty as it looked! :)

    JooJoo, omg WOW. Definitely an honour to have you here in my blog. :) Come over Singapore soon, we'll have a ball! :) I'll definitely take photos of the event! :)

  4. Your burger is so real!!! Your work is really good!