Monday, May 23, 2011

I'll be exhibiting..

.. at The Doll Affair 2011! :)

If you have been following since 2 years ago (please allow me to kowtow to you, loyal reader. :)), you might remember that I also exhibited at TDA 2009 and won this lovely doll, which I've since renamed Ai, at the lucky draw then!

Two years have whizzed past, and her luscious locks have gotten messy, she's still wearing the same white dress, well nothing about her has really changed. Oh wait, I did change her eyes though. Now they're a pretty blue.


I feel like I'm intruding on her having a advertorial photoshoot for a burger chain, just imagine a small set of shooting equipment at the side.

Here she is, weighing her options burgers. A regular hamburger on the left, a double patty on the right.

"I can't decide which to chomp down on! What do you think?"

Here she goes showing off her fish burger, posing at phantom photographer.

I think she's made her choice. :)

These are 1/6 scale burgers (Ai measures 26cm in height and is a 1/6 scale doll), measuring 1.6cm in diameter, and they'll be on display at TDA 2011 itself. 

Check out details of how to get there here, coming 18th June! It's a ticketed event, but a wonderful eye-opener. I know many attendees put in extra effort to dress up, and golly, some look like dolls themselves!

P.S I am also slightly freaking out because I have a whole table this time which is the size of a single bed, and I have no idea how to fill it up. I'm considering getting my assistant to lay on it as a desperate last resort. :/


  1. Singapore is a bit too far for me!
    I live in the Netherlands.
    I wish you lots of luck and fun,hope you sell lots of minifood. Your burgers and fries looks so very real...fantastic!

  2. Have a wonderfully inspirational and successful show.

  3. Thanks Maria and Janice! :) I am indeed hoping for better sales than the last one, so thanks for well wishes in that area!

  4. Love your burgers and the packaging is unbearably C.U.T.E!!!!

    You can a delicate touch :)