Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My high school fast food tradition.

In my secondary/high school days, fast food was on the menu from Monday to Friday.

There was an entertainment centre near the school, so me and my friends will troop over after lessons, and happily choose our guilty pick of the day. Long John Silver, KFC, Mcdonald's..

We had the tradition of bagging our food, and bringing it to one of the secluded corners of the entertainment centre (our favourite was near the noisy arcade, who knows why!), and everyone will sit down in a circle and set their heavy schoolbags at the side.

 Bags of food would be hastily torn apart, chilli packets and fries shared, tall cups of Coke passed around the circle. Passer-bys often gave us weird stares, this whole group of school girls sitting cross-legged on the floor

But we didn't really care, we were too busy indulging in our gossip for the day.

Once, the security guard of the building walked past and gave us a stern look. "Hey, behave like a girl and sit properly!" It was quite a shock to us, and we hurriedly got to our feet.

But once he was out of sight, we were back sitting down and ranting about that man who would later be known as the-guard-who-had-too-much-time.

That was back then, a little less than ten years ago. -recovers from slight shock after calculating how long it's been since high school.

Today, the media is constantly bombarding us with nutritional facts about fast food - calorie-filled soft drinks, oil-dripping fries, unhealthy burger patties. Even pre-packaged chilli sauce wasn't spared! 

So, the fast-food binging had to stop, and my waistline got a bit happier. :)

Once in a while, I still enjoy dunking fries in sauces, and downing them down with an icy Coke. Especially at Mcdonald's, there's just something about the heavenly scent of their freshly fried potato strips. I'll like to know, what's your favourite fast food? :)

P.S The miniature Mcdonald's set was handmade as a gift, but I will recreate a new one with AiClay's own fast food packaging due to copyright concerns. :)


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  2. super gorgeous!! :D - shuying

  3. Tooo pretty and cute!! My favourite is macs :P But too unhealthy! I'm trying to eat subway more often now!

  4. Cuuuute! I try to stay away too, but every now and then Wendy's does my hangover good :)

  5. OMG!! This set looks so real, I wish I can create something so nice and perfect! =)

  6. you make really nice crafts! please keep them coming :) btw, were you from rv?

  7. This is just fabulous.. your detailed work is just AWESOME!

  8. o m g w o w f t w... your skills is improving.. the fillet o fish look so real... keep up the good work tam.. er i mean joce!! u're making me hungry! XD

  9. thanks all of you! :) I'm very much flattered, and certainly appreciate all the compliments!

    baisimu, subway cookies often spoil the health part for me hehh.

    firstcomeslove, we have Wendy's here too! I'm gonna try that more often!

    ying, yes I was from RV! :) Are you from there too?

  10. omg AMAZING !!!!!! it's super good babu !

  11. WoW!! Are so real!! fantastic work! congratulations!Hugs.

  12. Thanks for linking me up, I find what you do so fascinating! This McDonald's set is really, REALLY adorable!

  13. hi, how do you make the burger container and fry holder? is it somehting you print? can you tell me where? thanks