Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Have your {cup}cake and eat it too!

Earlier in the month, I had a lovely couple, Mun Yee and Shane, over at my home studio and we made cupcakes! The miniature versions on earrings. ;)

The real life cupcakes are from Twelve Cupcakes by the way.

Also, this was the first time I was hosting a craft session in my newly decorated home studio whoop whoop! Am pleased with how the tiffany blue walls made the photos so much brighter.

Speaking of firsts, it was my first time crafting with a couple as well. It was awfully sweet knowing that Shane had willingly accompanied the girlfriend on a crafty date. You've got to see their cupcakes below, together they created the cutest couple cupcakes. 

I also managed to capture some of their moments crafting together. :)

Can you guess which is made by Shane/MunYee? 

The ones with the lilac flower and adorable fish blowing bubbles were made by Mun Yee, and the ones with a sprinkling of hearts along with alphabet initials were made by Shane. I've got to commend Shane on his amazing patience while making the alphabets, it took him a few tries but now Mun Yee will always remember his dedication in making her cupcake earrings! 

You guys definitely earned the cupcakes! ;)

Thank you Mun Yee and Shane, I had a most enjoyable Saturday afternoon chatting to you and crafting together. :) I'll see you guys soon again, ok? 

P.S Taro is also waiting for you guys to come play with him again! ;)

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  1. So cute! She is so blessed to have a boyfriend with so much patience! :) <3 You are a great teacher!