Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rose Meringue Cake

I've neglected this space for quite a bit, but I have been working very hard at the shop and trying to get better materials like clay and varnishes!

All the products before this blog entry were made with premium Korean airdry clay, JumpingClay. But I've got a new love in my life! Ovenbake polymer clay! :)

My mom generously sponsored me a oven dedicated to polymer clay as a way of supporting my business, and I got to work straight away last night, only sleeping at sunrise. :(

WARNING: if you have a sweet tooth and a weakness for pretty things, don't stare at the below photos for too long.


Rose Meringue Cake

Rose-flavoured mousse cake with a thick layer of strawberry jelly. Light pink sugar pearls are sprinkled on the dollop of fresh cream all around the cake.

Serves five! :)

This will be for my personal collection for their sentimental value, because they're the very first cakes I've made with ovenbake clay! The entire cake only measures 2cm across it, really very precious in real life.

I will be making many more of these to come, they're PERFECT for earrings (imagine those delicious cake slices hanging off your ears!), necklace charms, handphone straps, magnets! Or even just as a really lovely ornament piece!

They could be customised according to your preference, or made in likeness to a photo of a cake you'll like to remember (like the one at your wedding, 21st birthday, anniversary).

Email me at joce_1987@hotmail.com with your description! :)

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