Friday, March 6, 2009

The sweets and the vices.

The blogshop's undergoing a bit of a facelift, so don't fret if you refresh the page and the website looks all over the place! :P

Renovation works should complete by tonight. :)


Custom item: Squirrel on grass

A bashful squirrel presenting the acorn (seen in previous post) to his new owner (who is a very lucky girl about to receive this lovely surprise package).
He stands on a tuft of grass,
with a white coin with name of new owner painted on.

Custom Item: Rainbow Firefly babies

Bugs can be cute too! Swoon over their endearing little smiles, and brightly coloured wings.
There are thirteen baby fireflies in all, which is an auspicious number in their little bug world. :)

All the little bugs will be later attached to handphone straps and the buyer confided that they will be presented as gifts to 13 very lucky people.

A little photo montage of how the bugs were crafted!

I love the splash of colours!

All that hard work in kneading and experimenting to get the right mix of colours
was well worth it.

They all seem to have unique smiles and personalities.

That's the beauty with handmaking everything. :)

This is the teeniest of the colorful bunch, and it measures in at less than half a 10cent coin!

Custom Item: Snoopy Lovedogs

Well, we've got lovebirds, why not lovedogs.
They both proudly carry a plaque declaring the blissful couple's important date and intials. :)

This is intended for a anniversary gift to a husband, how sweet! :)

Before they picked up each other's hearts.

Note the tiny wagging tail!


BUT, it's not all fluffy clouds and cute squirrels in the real world we live in.

So once in a while, I get orders that truly reflect life in its entirety. :)


Custom Item: Mahjong Earrings

This is one vice I'm occasionally guilty of. :P

The words on these miniature mahjong tiles were carved, and then painted, so GUESS WHAT. you can even MO PAI! (meaning to feel the tiles, so you know what tile you've drawn without looking.)

Wear them for your next mahjong allnighter and wow your mahjong kakis! :)
Why do I have this feeling this earrings are going to be a huge hit in our mahjongcrazy-culture. :P

Custom Item: Cigarette

This uncanny resemblance of a close to lifesize cigarette stick will have you itching to light it up.
Resist the urge! :P

This is one photo galore of a post!

Happy shopping, and email me! :)
-love, joce.

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