Monday, July 11, 2011

Miniature bread basket workshop.

Such a beautiful Monday. 

I managed to drag my lazy self to run this morning, and received wonderful news later in the day. I'll reveal it at the end of the post.

For now, here's a miniature bread basket I made for one of my workshops. If you'll like to learn to make your own, do contact me at! :)

Hot cross buns studded with juicy raisins.
Freshly sliced crispy baguette.
Croissants drizzled with rich chocolate sauce.

As for the good news, here it is.

I will be travelling to Hokkaido, Japan in 2 weeks! It is an extremely last minute decision, and I am beyond excited! It will also be my first time travelling with my grandparents without my parents, definitely going to cherish the time with them! :)

Just look at what came up on Google images when I searched 'Hokkaido in summer'.

Can you blame me for being overly-ecstatic?? :) 


  1. Uau, so beautiful!!!! No words!!!
    Your bread basket is delicious, can you tell me what material you use? it isn´t fimo...Here we have fimo (only...)
    good work!

  2. Woww,it looks so good and real \o/// I want to eat that for breakfast ;__; <--(bread maniac) You're so lucky, I've only gone to Japan once and it was in winter but it was still awesome :) Too bad it's school term for me now OTL Please smuggle me there,thankshoo (no, I'm joking XDD)~~~

  3. Oh these look wonderful! The chocolate drizzles on those croissant are really amazing.
    And congratulations on your trip! If you wanted to make your readers jelous, you succeded :D

  4. La Belle Cuisine: Thank you!! I used Premo Sculpey to sculpt the breads, but with Fimo you can definitely achieve the same work. There are many miniaturists working with Fimo as well and they produce amazing work!

    Jenn: Hello!! haha yes I'm a fellow bread-lover too! Quick hide yourself in my luggage! ;)

    Stella: Oh thank you!! Teeheehee, you saw through my evil intentions. :P I shall come back with more photos muahahahha.