Saturday, July 2, 2011

Craft with me. :)

{cues drumroll}

..was history in the making. 
{dramatic pause}

A milestone for this humble site.
{deep breath}

A reason for euphoric celebration.

Let's go straight to the point, shall we?

Today, AiClay held its very first crafting workshop ever, with the lovely Fereen. I snapped some photos of this joyous event with her permission. That's Fereen in the photos below.

The three hours sped past, with us cutting, texturing, shading. I shared my tips and methods, she shared her stories of school and life. :)

I've always gotten lucky with my firsts. I remember my first AiClay customer to be a French lady who was simply the sweetest customer yet, I won grand prize at a lucky draw at my first exhibition, and now Fereen - really my pleasure to have at my first workshop.

Are you keen on peeking behind the curtains of the miniature food-making process. :) I know we'll have loads of fun as I craft alongside with you. Plus, you'll have a darling creation to bring home. :)

Please email me for rates and include your project of choice!


  1. Woooaahh,that sounds so fun :) it must have been really enjoyable ^^ maybe, one day when I save up enough money...

  2. i really wish i could go! but i live in the UK :(

  3. Hi Jenn! Yayyy definitely looking forward to having you at my workshop! I know it'll be really fun! :)

    Hi Lauren, maybe if you ever pop by Singapore for a visit?? :D Thanks for wanting to come though!