Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gingerbuddies, and a tea party.

This will be a short one. Shorter blog posts, but more frequent, how about that? :)

Gingerbuddies! 1/3 and 1/12 scale miniature gingerbread men. :)

The bigger one used to look like this, when it was still unfrosted.

I just attended a birthday tea party, and had the chance to taste many items which I've made or seen in miniature, but never in real life! A couple of photos to share.

A section of the teatime spread. For the local readers, this is the Ritz Carlton teatime buffet. :)

After 2.5hours of gorging down our money's worth of desserts and pastries, we had a messy, but colourful table. 

It's been a few hours since the buffet, and my stomach is rumbling now. That's the cue for me to sleep my hunger pangs away, goodnight! :)


  1. ohhh is this the weekend one at chihuly lounge? i went during the weekday sometime back, no buffet, just the tiered set and it was horrible!

  2. Hey Evan! Yep it's the chihuly lounge one! I thought the buffet spread was okay, I preferred the savoury section though, my fav dish was actually a cocktail prawn dish! hahha.

  3. Those desserts look delicious! Haha, like you, I've never tasted in the real life some of the desserts I make with clay! I tried a real macaron when I got tired of making them in clay, and I was quite disappointed :(

  4. Hi Rui! Oh I wish we had more time to savor them though! I ended up having a bite from everything only. Oohh I've tasted macarons from Laduree Paris and it was goooddd, quite different from Singapore's hmm. Let's fly to paris to try out their pastries! :D