Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goodness of Wheat

I hope you've had a wholesome breakfast on this lovely Sunday morning! :)

These breads were made entirely of polymer clay by me, and they make me want to go grab some at a local bakery right now! :)

Below: Criss-cross bun! Or tic-tac-toe buns as kids know them. :)

Below: Crispy plain croissant!

Below: Traditional french baguette with diagonal cuts!

Below: Traditional french baguette!

Below: Hot cross buns! :) I know artisans shouldn't have favourites of their creations, but these teeny breads are my fav in the lot. :)

and a last photo for size reference to a ten-cents coin! :)

Look out for the pastry rings, earrings and necklace charms coming up soon! :)

Local Delights!

I just got a commision of ketupat earrings and dumpling earrings, here they are! :) Entirely handmade by me with polymer clay.

The Chinese dumplings are a bit late for the Dumpling Festival just a few days ago, but personally I feel it's always a good time to bite into that savoury plump glutinous rice treat!

The Malay ketupats (I always like to have a little along with my satay! It's a good balance between the sweet sataymeat and simple goodness of ricecake.) were weaved with green and white leaves.

A sneak peek into my workspace

During the making of ketupats! It's usually much messier than this though. :)

On the cheery sunflower tablecloth, there're two boxes, one with my tools and another holding all my coloured clays. Then I've got a mini laptop in front of me, as it's always useful to sculpt my clay with the pictures (google is my friend :)) in front of me.

Then of course you've got my little workspace, a marble tile which I can't do without! :)

This was the ketupat weave, entirely using polymer clay. It was backbreaking work to carefully weave the fragile thin strips of polymer clay into each other, took a few hours. But at least now I can say I've weaved clay before! :)

Hope you like the small bit of behind-the-scenes! :)

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