Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some Copyright Issues

Hi all, you might have seen some of my previous works are based on cartoon characters and lately I've been wondering if I've unknowingly broken some copyright laws. After some research, it turns out I unfortunately have.

Being a sculptor myself, I regard any other sculptor (whether he/she is the creator of Mickey Mouse, or a more unknown item) with high respect and fondness as I understand the tears and sweat behind creating a work of any medium. Therefore, I am very apologetic to the creators of the copyright characters that I have used in my works (not that I think they'll ever read this actually. :P) and would like to promise that in all of my future works, I will not create works based on copyrighted characters.

To my lovely customers, this sadly means that I will not be able to accept orders which are based on recreating famous characters. I hope you all will understand! :)

If you are in doubt if your ideas are infringing copyright laws, feel free to email me and I will advise you. :)

Thank you!

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