Monday, May 25, 2009


Edited as of 7Nov 2009: 
These strawberries were old sculpts, see here for new sculpts! :)

Strawberries are just so POPPING RED! :)

Those seemingly humongous beasts at the back are actually normal-sized strawberries. It's just that they look crazily big when pictured with the miniature berries!

I'm currently addicted to making miniature strawberries! They're so awfully cute and petite, and look awesome when heaped together!

this is how my plateful of strawberries look like in the day, BEAUTIFUL clouds at the back eh?? I never knew Singapore's sky could look that pretty!

strawberries bathed in warm glorious sunrays.

Do expect loads of strawberry-related items (strawberry pastries, strawberry ice creams etc) in the shop soon! :) Email me with any strawberry-related ideas! That'll be hugely appreciated!


Custom item: Birthday chinchilla in grass scene

No.. it's not a mouse. it's a CHINCHILLA!

this sweet fella is looking up at you with its big droopy eyes, and saying in a small voice, "Please don't take my cake away." AWWW.

And speaking of the cake, it's a STRAWBERRY cake! (didn't I just tell you i'm currently obsessed with strawberries. HEH.) It's the one featured in a few entries ago, with strawberry slices. But now it's got pretty pink frosting spelling out a birthday greeting to the lucky girl, who'll be receiving this present from my very sweet buyer! :)

He wears a lovely party hat with hearts all round! Juicy sugar-glazed strawberries are strewn all over the freshly cut grass patch.

He's got cake crumbs all over his little paws, bless the tiny fella!

All wrapped up in the giftbox along with a thankyou card, and ready to head to his new home!


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