Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sawadeeka! :)

I'm back from the land of smiles! And it's not just a pretty publicity stunt to call Thailand that, Thai people are generally very lovely. :)
Anyway, here are the photos as promised of the cutesy cupcake earrings!

For sale: Baby Devil's food Cake (pink or blue cupcake wrappers)
at $8/pair (incl. loop earrings and a pair of cupcakes)

Creamy vanilla frosting on a rich chocolate cake, wrapped in baby pink and blue cupcake wrappers.

Unfortunately my business hasn't expanded to an extent that I can hire this gorgeous caucasian to model my earrings. Ermm, it's from a magazine page. :D It's really hard to photograph my own ears so here's a much better alternative!

Custom item: Pink Strawberry Meringue Cake

It's the rose meringue cakes with a heavy infusion of strawberry! Fresh strawberry slices were mixed in the luscious milky cream which is frozen and forms the middle of the cake. Light cream was spread all over the cake and a pair of sugar glazed strawberries sit on top.

Email me with any enquiries! :)

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