Monday, December 12, 2011

the start to a crazy week. (apples)

I wish I was over-exaggerating.

But let's see, from now till Sunday, I have 

  1. four orders due for completion ( totally not complaining about this ♥ )
  2. gatherings with friends
  3. a Wicked musical
  4. a miniature cookie workshop
  5. and a movie event where I get to be Santa's elf haha

That's a lot happening within 7 days. At least to me.

And then I have to pack, ready to leave for Bangkok come early morning on Monday. That, I'm pretty excited! ♥

Maybe I should write less and just jump to the photos then. 

Here is an order for a variety of miniature apples I sculpted in 1/3 scale, fits SD-sized (50-70cm) dolls.

with a bite. perfect & whole. bitten to the core. shrunken & wrinkled.

Bambi is helping me with modelling the apples again, her glum expression tells me that I might need to hire someone larger instead. Hm.

Monday is beckoning. Goodnight everyone, I wish all of you a fulfilling week! ♥

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