Monday, December 5, 2011

It's a Christmas month.

Everybody knows Christmas isn't just a one-day affair. Or twelve days.

It lasts a whole month. Once December 1st hits, christmassy songs start playing on radio, the artificial trees go up in malls and you see gingerbread men everywhere.

Okay so the last one is probably true only here at AiClay.

Lately, I have been receiving many orders for these little guys, and people are requesting them to be made into everything - earrings, pendants, even brooches.

Thankfully I really like making them. ♥ Certainly on my top 3 favourite things to sculpt.

Lastly, I still want to thank all of the incoming subscriptions to AiMail, definitely want to get it out to all of you for the new year sales.

And another thing is that I would be travelling to Bangkok in exactly two weeks, can't wait because I do miss that place. ♥


  1. ~*Happy Holidays to you!*~
    Cute little gingymen!

  2. Oh, so cute! Do you have molds for it?

    PS: Sorry for my bed english ;)

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  4. thank you Amber Dawn!! ♥ Happy holidays to you too!

    Agrafka, thank you! Sorry I don't make any molds for sale. :)

  5. Hey they are looking so cute indeed...Your really made an awesome stuff for this Christmas and I am really happy to look at the results of your hardwork in this regard..thanks!!

  6. This website is awesome. I constantly come across something new & different for christmas right here. Thank you