Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December . white rose on silver band.

I've always thought December was a month of relaxation and fun and savoring the last weeks before the new year swings by.

But I thought wrong, obviously. As we get closer to the end of December, the things I have to do are just piling up a lot faster than I can finish them. And there are useless pursuits I keep succumbing to like Bejewelled and lazing in bed. Very bad joce, very bad. :(

I was whirling with fulfilling all the Christmas orders before I flew to Bangkok, and then it was JY's birthday and then christmas gatherings and more orders and I have an unfinished book to return to the public library by.. (searches for loan receipt and realises the due date is today)


The white rose on a silver band, is quite like what my initial impression of December should be -

serene and calming.


I know this isn't a food miniature, but once in a while I do love to sculpt non-food items (not too often though). Plus it's always good practice for commissions like miniature cakes with fondant flowers on top. ♥ 

I really like the ring, and would definitely sculpt more next time. Maybe a different flower, a different colour. Some have expressed interest in earrings with the flowers, which I think would look as awesome. 

By the way, it's an adjustable silver ring, so it fits all ring sizes.

 I hope your December has been less hectic as mine, and you get time to reflect and ponder about what you've done in 2011 and what you wish to accomplish in 2012.

As for me, I'm off to get in a game (or five) of Bejewelled before bedtime. :)


  1. i love that ring! I will be following!

    Amelia x

  2. Very detailed, i love it!
    I ones made a bracelet with pink roses from fimo clay, but the petals brake of...any idea how i make it stronger?
    I wish you a happy and healthy 2012.

  3. amelia jones: thanks so much!! i have added you to the list of subscribers! ♥

    maria: thank you! Personally i've never worked with fimo clay so I don't know the characteristics of that. Could it be your oven temperature (check the clay packaging to see suggested temp), or maybe you could arrange the petals so they are less protruding, hence less prone to breakage? Let me know how it goes! ♥

  4. A true work of art! LOVE it!! Is it made of polymer clay? WOW! You're so skilled and so talented.

    About the previous post I know those lovely penguins are miniature clay art, but I saw in one of your posts that you had made gorgeous macarons, I mean the real ones, am I right? So I just wanted to know what recipe you've used and what temperature you bake them at xoxo

    Happy New Year dear! :O)

  5. Hi Joojoo! thank you! Yup I sculpt with polymer clay only. :) and YOU are the talented one!

    ohh no, those are miniature macarons that I sculpted too! hahaha. So sorry to have tricked you unintentionally! I've never baked real macarons before, or I would share the recipe with you! Hope your macaron adventures go well! ♥