Saturday, December 17, 2011

Squawk! (penguin macarons)

Move over, plain flat round macarons! Animal macarons are all the rage now.

Personally when it comes to real foods, I avoid buying foods with faces. Because I don't think I could ever bear to bite into them!

Wow, just noticed it's past 3am (again!) and I really don't want to delay my bedtime any longer.

So I'm going to let the photos do the talking. :)

If you follow my twitter/facebook feed, you'll know that I've been going a tad crazy working on the christmas orders. 

This is so that I can get all the orders packaged and sent to my customers before I leave for Bangkok for a short trip till 26th December! All mails and orders will be attended to then, but I promise to try to check my mailbox everyday while in Bangkok. ♥

A last announcement, the launch date for AiMail would be on New Year's Eve - 31st December 2011. ♥

Which means that gives you exactly two more weeks to subscribe!


  1. Son absolutamente geniales, me encantan....preciosos.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  2. Maravillosos!! Dan ganas de comertelos todos. Un besito!

  3. The cutest thing that I've seen in a long time! You're amazing! Hope you have a lovely trip!

    ps. Your real macarons look really great! Can I ask at what temperature you bake them? Thanks a lot! xoxo

  4. Ascension, rocinash and teresa: thanks so much!! I'm going to have to google translate that!! :)

    Silver: Oh WOW, i did a double take when i realised who you are. i'm so honoured to have you here!! :)

    Olga: awww thanks so much my dear!

    Joojoo: Hello gorgeous artist! Thanks so much! And oh no haha, those aren't real macarons! They are miniatures as well. :P I've seen your real creations on your blog, they look delish!

  5. OMG MAWARU PENGUINDRUM MACARONS!!! I reblogged this on tumblr, btw and gave credit to you. I will be making some of my own now after I seeing this.

    PS It would be even more awesome if you put them in the box that they originally came in like this one