Sunday, November 27, 2011

What pretty feet you have - macarons.

Try saying the title to anyone and you will probably get a puzzled look.

But when you tell that to a tired baker who is bringing out her 294th batch of freshly baked macarons and praying madly they turn out okay, it all makes sense. 

I've read enough horror stories online about baking macarons - shuddering tales of shells sinking in the middle, uncooked in the middle, cracked collapsed weird lumps. (google 'macaron fail' and you'll know what I'm talking about)

So I'm sticking to baking miniature macarons. Thankfully they have always turned out picture-perfect so far, hooray!

Everytime I make miniature food, I try to make some kind of miniature packaging for it. Sometimes they are little grocery bags, sometimes burger boxes, this time though it was just a simple white box. I decided that the macarons were fanciful enough to just sit pretty in their clean boxes.

This batch of lavender and rose macarons has a diameter of about 1cm, and was sculpted in 1/4 scale and fits MSD dolls. They are already on their way to Finland, but if you would like your own, just click on the Shop link on the tabs above!

In other news, thank you everyone for the subsciptions to AiMail! I squeal everytime I receive a new subscription, it is that exciting for me! Please keep them coming, there's still time before the first issue in December! ♥


  1. Wow, these are just gorgeous! I followed your link to here on one of your flickr photos. I am about to take my first trip into the world of modelling clay this weekend to make some food items that are 'Barbie size' and I have to say your work has really inspired me and given me a goal to work towards - don't think I will ever get to this standard though!

  2. Anne: firstly i love long comments, really. :) and thank you, it's really sweet of you and I'm glad that my work is of inspiration to someone! ♥ I hope the forage into miniature sculpting took off well!! :)

    Teresa, awww thank youuuuuu!! ♥

  3. Really nice frilly feets on these:)

  4. Wow! I am so in love with your work? How on earth are you able to bake such small, perfect macarons?