Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A rare day of Halloween sewing

Carve a pumpkin, give out candies, wear a scary mask.

This can only mean Halloween's here! Sadly I didn't do any of the above, I passed on all of these Halloween festivities due to the SMU workshop which happened last Friday.

But I was quite determined to do at least ONE halloween-y thing this year. So, armed with thread, some green felt and a whim of spontaneity, I set about to sew a Halloween outfit for Bambi.

I snapped the photo below while making her boots, borrowed her foot for a while haha. 


A few guessed a frog, but there were some who were right. It's a turtle! ♥

Wish I had time to sculpt a miniature pumpkin, or some halloween candies! But I'm dedicating all the sculpting time to fulfilling all my commission orders instead.

It was refreshing to be crafting in a whole different area, aside from sculpting. Absolutely loved the fact that I didn't have to care about dust and madly clean my fingers every 5 minutes. (Yes I do that when I'm sculpting!)

Here's Bambi blowing kisses to all of you.

Happy Halloween! ♥


  1. wow.. she is so cute.. love her..

  2. Jennifer: thank you! and I have good news about the Jar of Cookies pendant, I'll email you back soon! ♥

    Genevieve: aww thanks!

    Leena: heehee, i love her too!!

    Stephanie: i wanna see your dolls more often too! would they be dressed as elves this xmas (since it's ur fav festival)? :D

    debs: aww thanks so much! ♥

  3. *head explodes from the cuteness*

    Seriously... dawwwwwwwww!