Monday, January 4, 2010

That's enough tarts to last an entire summer.


Do you know that word? I've never heard of it before, until I googled 'raspberry' while writing the Etsy listing.

Drupelets are the tiny (microscopic when you talk twelth scale!) gems that
make up the fruit cluster, which we call raspberry.

I can't remember the last time I ate a raspberry, and am suspecting
I have never eaten the fruit by itself before.

The only memory I have of it, is perhaps the slight tangy, sweet taste in the
red swirls in raspberry ripple ice cream.

 I would have liked to end the post here, and beckon the tarts a haste goodbye.

but here's one last (and I mean really final, for some time at least) tart.

 The summer blackberry tart, is really dark blue/purple instead.

Can you sense my tart-fatigue already? haha. :)

But with all the compliments that have come their way, along with the quickest sales I've ever seen on my Etsy, I doubt this is the last I'll see of them (the tarts).

Let me hastily add that, I'm NOT complaining about sales, or compliments.
Please keep them coming! :)


  1. hooray! :) I'm recovering from my tart-fatigue too, and am very excited at sculpting your commissioned tarts! :)

  2. your creations are absolutely fantastic!!!!