Sunday, January 24, 2010

the most romantic fruit - Strawberry.

February the fourteenth is coming!

and the online world is just exploding with valentine-related items in preparation of cupid's festival.

Right after I listed this cupcake on Etsy, I clicked on 'recently listed'
and seriously, there were more strawberries than I could count!

 Of course I got sucked into the Valentine whirlwind and ended up naming this cupcake


I'm trying to think of a fruit that is more linked to romance than strawberry, and can't come up with any other.
Any ideas? :)

Chocolate-dipped strawberries, strawberries and cream, strawberry cake.
They all seem to have some kind of love connotation.


I'm hungry for some strawberry desserts suddenly. and it's 1am now, not a good idea. :(

The strawberry cupcakes measure at 0.6cm in diameter of base and
0.8cm in average height, from top of strawberry to bottom of base.


  1. I already drooled over these at Etsy. Amazingly delicious!

    I think that two cherries combined by the twigs (sorry, don't know the right words) are also very very romantic and peaches maybe too, but both of these are a bit more sensual and not romantic in as cute way as strawberries...


  2. w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l !
    r.e.a.l.l.y !
    (more new ideas !!!...)

  3. Hanna thank you!! ahhh peaches and cherries. that's true, i hadn't thought of them! :)

    Marie Christine, thank you thank you! and bring on the ideas teeheehee. :)