Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crispy Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Yes, it is a mouthful.

(and an alliteration too, my English teacher will be proud. :D)

These are miniature cookies, entirely handsculpted by me with polymer clay.

They measure at 0.6cm in average diameter.

Everytime I see this shot, I imagine a kid climbing onto a stool and looking down at all those cookies, while trying to fit his little fat hand in to steal one. :)

If anyone had suggestions for what I could use besides a matchstick to show scale,
I would really appreciate it!

This miniature glass cookie jar measures 2.3cm in height.



I am currently almost suffocating in the pineapple-butterish aroma that keeps wafting out of the kitchen, as my mom is keeping busy with her pineapple pastry orders.

-gasps for air.


  1. wow, they're amazing! they look so real and delicious (^_^)

    you could always try a photo where it looks like you're trying to grab one! y'know, like an alice in wonderland kinda thing.. but reversed :o)

  2. How detailed, and despite that it is so seriously small!

    I have seen people use pennies to show scale.

  3. Hi Chloe! :) OHH the alice in wonderland reversed, sounds really cool! i might just try that one day! thank youu!

    Hi Pattie, ooh thank you for your lovely words! :) I've tried using coins, but the silver often clashes with the ochre of my sculpts. But I'll give that another try again someday. :)

  4. Minis ? Are you sure ?..
    Well, you know, you give me new ideas !!

  5. Marie Christine, hhaha bring on the new ideas! always a pleasure to sculpt for you! :)