Friday, January 29, 2010

Miniature cake stand!

I really can't think of a creative title. :(

The first non-food miniature I've listed on Etsy! :) 

The miniature cake stand is in an antique brass colour with a 6-petal punch on the cake plate, and a pretty petal-shaped base. 


It displays pastries and cakes beautifully, with dainty embossed details around the cake plate.

My boyfriend has been dropping hints that the matchstick that keeps appearing in my photos should be done away with, and that I should find some other item to display scale.
And some kind readers have suggested that I use a finger instead, so here ya go! :)


  1. babu ! (ok sorry for flooding your blog with comment after comment hahah) but did you make the stand also??

  2. babu! oh man u know i love your comments! keep them coming okay!

    anyway, I wished I had the equipment to make the metal pieces! hehh, but I did assemble the cake stand! :)

  3. Oh now this is divine...a darling friend of mine sent me the link to your blog as a treat to myself and she was absolutely right; this is a magical place!!!! Your work is astounding!!! Anita

  4. Oh wow Anita, your comment is making me smile from ear to ear! :D thank you so much, you flatter me so! :)