Saturday, January 2, 2010

Summer Blueberry Tart

Please bear with me during this seemingly endless onslaught of these crusty pastries.

but seriously does anyone NOT like tarts???

At least to me, they have got the best of both worlds, slightly savory (tart shell) and sweet at the same time, and so many fillings to choose from!

In a well-baked tart shell, fresh whipped cream is slathered onto the crusty base.
A heap of blueberries is generously gathered in the tart, garnished with a sprig of mint leaves.

One of my favourite food bloggers/photographers (mytartelette)
even has her web address named after tarts.

Click only if there is a bakery nearby though,
her photos always make me want to sink my teeth into some pastry, any pastry!


Ushering in 2010 got a whole lot sweeter,
when this Summer Blueberry Tart sold on NYE. :) Very much appreciated!


  1. I agree!!!! Have a great year with your magic fingers!

  2. allie and hanna, thank you for your lovely words!! :) have a great year both of you!