Wednesday, January 6, 2010

REAL food for once.

I would love to claim that all of these are miniatures that I sculpted.

But I'm an honest fellow, so nah. :P

This is a vanilla chiffon cake roll from a old-school bakery.
and it is SO GOOD.

The cake is awesomely soft and fluffy, and there's this light buttery vanilla fragrance emanating from the roll (which was why I kept opening the cake box and allowing the fragrance to fill the car).

 I thought the cream design looked like a butterfly (vaguely) from this perspective, but my mom immediately exclaimed, "Whose butt is this!" when she saw the photo.


Over here in Singapore, Chinese New Year preparations are gradually underway as people start stocking up on angbaos/red packets, and changing cushion covers, baking festive goodies..

The latter is what has been keeping my mom busy these days.

It's almost a tradition for us now. A few weeks before CNY, my mom will start buying flour, eggs, fresh pineapple meat.. and then the fun starts in the kitchen.

(for me at least!)

While Mom gets dusted with flour and greasy with butter, I would occasionally pop into the kitchen, to nip at some of the freshly baked, and piping hot tarts.

In my defense, it's really hard to resist the strong fragrance wafting from the oven! :P


And she would give away bottles and bottles of the tarts (I know they look like balls but I refuse to call them that) to friends and relatives every year.

This year, Mom has finally wisened up and started offering them for sale instead.

The tendrils of sweet pineapple flesh, tickling your every tastebud
as you let the buttery pastry melt in your mouth, leaving a fragrant satisfying aftertaste.

Repeat cycle as your hands reach for the next tart.


 They are priced at SGD$13/bottle.

Satisfaction vouched by years of relatives and friends gorging them down every year.



If you're in Singapore and would like some, do email me at!
Self-collection at Bukit Batok MRT Station. :)

My fingers are itching to recreate the vanilla chiffon roll and pineapple pastry in miniature already.