Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 Christmas orders.

It has been barely a month since Christmas, but the whole 2009-2010 makes last Christmas sound ancient!

And so, I've decided I had no more time to waste on posting photos of some of the commissioned orders I received during Christmas.

This might be a surprise to some, but about half of my commissioned orders are non-food sculpts.
Let the photos below be inspiration for your Valentine's gifts too! :)

An army of earrings!

In my schooldays, I was very fond of doodling swirly designs on my notepads.
Therefore, I was really happy when a customer requested for a monochromatic swirl earring.


A necklace charm, decked out in snowdrops and a christmassy red.

bowl 'em over. (i used the exact same phrase in one of my old posts!)


The simple, classic FAT heart. :)


A miniature chanel bag replica.
Your answer to all the crazily expensive gift requests from friends. :)

Of all the earrings I sculpted, I wanted to keep this bright, cherry one for myself the most.

There were a few more Christmas orders besides those shown here, including a crazy, grinning rabbit's head with blood all over his white cheeks. I was contemplating if I should post the photo, but decided the blood stains looked a tad too realistic for this blog. heh.

for the curious (Kiva, you come to mind I don't know why haha!), click here to see what the necklace pendant was modelled after.

far cry from those pretty, innocent tarts eh! :P


  1. omg joce! you made the chanel bag?? that's like amazing!

  2. yo shiqin!! :) yep I sculpted it, aww flattered!

  3. babu !!! crap i'm not in singapore to buy the paper !! AHH. ): but but so cool ! you're featuredddd. ((: proud of you !!

  4. babu!! it's alrightt!! i got scanned copy here ma, hee. :) and thank you babu, for your endless support! -hugs!