Monday, November 2, 2009

Good ol' chocolate chip cookies!

These are miniature chocolate chip cookies, entirely handsculpted by me with polymer clay.

While sculpting them, I had the strongest temptation to bake REAL cookies, especially with that soon-expiring pot of Hershey's cocoa in my fridge.
but I didn't, and would have to settle for these miniature ones instead.

i know i tend to put up photos which look similar haha, but look!
there's a heap of strawberries instead of the sugar pot and jar. :)


 the trusty matchstick is out again for scale reference.
Cookies measure at 0.5cm in width, perfect for 12th scale miniatures!



  1. soo cute! I love tiny cookies :)
    And they're all perfect!


  2. OH MAN. i love the glass jar thing that you put the chocolate chips !! and of course the cookies !! HAHA they're making me HUNGRYYY.

  3. yayy so happy to find comments! :)

    thank you stephanie, i love them tiny cookies too!! :)

    babu! heh hehh, yayy my evil plan worked hahha. come back and we will bake real cookies together leh! and hopefully not major fail again like last time haha.