Monday, November 9, 2009

The Orange Smile

I've rearranged miniature orange segments on a heart-shaped Tiffany blue base.
and it's supposed to look like a winking smiley-face.

   like this!  

 but the boyfriend just informed me that he can't tell it's a face, nor is it smiling. :(

The heart-shaped base measures at 1.4cm across at its widest.

I really love the pairing of the cool blue wintry color, with the warm orange,
and the combination just pops on ears!

it's for sale HERE.

Okay, now I just need you guys to reassure me that you can see the smiley face too. :)
-sticks tongue out at the boyfriend.


  1. HELLO! i LOVE THIS. uber cute (: very delicate and pretty! and and, yes I can see the face. *whispers* maybe it's a guy thing, they cant imagine properly ;)

  2. haha wanyu!! :) yayy so glad to see you here. :) *whispers back* i think so tooo. *skulks into the dark alley.


  3. oh man babu !! so you're setting a stall on the 19th?? CONGRATSSSS !!! (: i'm really happy for you ! but but i don't think i'll be able to make it. ): cos i'm arriving on the 20th. BOO. i'm still trying to get an earlier flight though. i'll let you know ! but GO YOU !!!

  4. babu! yes i am! well not really a stall, more like a booth. sheesh technicalities haha! it's okay lar babu, the ticket's $12 to get into the event leh! ill take lots of photos to show u k! cant wait for you to get back!! :)