Tuesday, November 17, 2009

hey who sneaked into my can of chips!

Here, we have some miniature 1/12th scale potato chips entirely handsculpted by me with polymer clay.

Over here in Singapore and most parts in Asia, we call them potato chips. In other places, I know they're referred to as just 'chips', for a popular sandwich chain at least. Or crisps.

Whatever the name, I bet everyone is familiar with this popular snack food!

Mmm. Just a little story to ponder upon when you're munching on these crunchies in front of the tv.
Potato chips came about all because a New York chef was really pissed off with an unsatisfied customer, who felt his potatoes were too thick.

And so angrily, he sliced them up so thin that they couldn't be eaten with a fork.

So you see, anger does breed some good sometimes. :)


Shown beside a regular matchstick for scale.

Each potato chip/crisp measures at approximately 0.5cm in width.

I'm still trying hard to be productive in hopes of having a busy, crowded booth table on 19th December.
So far, I've got plenty of miniature waffles and tarts to fill.

And so many decisions to make.
How to display the miniature foods, if I should attach them to the plates, if I should buy a table-cloth, how shall I price them, where should I buy my boxes..

SIGH. I'm kind of just crossing my fingers and hoping things would work out somehow by the 19th.
and nursing a bad headache today didn't help. :(

Right. Hoping everyone's had a better day! :)


  1. go babu !!! you can do it. (: and get enough sleep ! you're always sleeping super late hahah. i shall try and catch you online again soon. loveee.

    p.s. interesting story about the crisps ! i didn't know that haha. and your crisps are making me hungry. ok generally, this blog makes me hungry haha.

  2. hello babu! love u lar, always leaving comments! yay! :) and will talk to you online again okay! :)loveeee.

  3. Ok Jocelyn, if these are not the most kick-ass potato chips ever, I don't know what is!! SUPER!!!!

  4. ohh thank you KIVA!! i'm extremely flattered, to have such a talented artisan compliment my chips! :)

  5. a booth? where? maybe can go support.

  6. hey weiye! it's at suntec city, but it's $12 for a ticket just to enter! so don't have to go lar, just knowing you wanna support is good enough le! :)