Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mom I know breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day..

but this is way too much!

Here we have a heapful of miniature 1/12th scale waffles handsculpted with polymer clay.

Probably baked by an over-zealous mother eh?

or someone with near-expiring flour, butter and eggs.

But definitely someone with waffle-makers in various shapes.
There's the widely-loved heart-shapes, usual circular shapes, weird dew/oval shapes, and more.

i feel full just looking at them.
where's the maple syrup!

here comes my rant of the day.
A chocolate bread (yes, made from authentic flour and eggs and butter. i don't eat my creations despite popular belief haha) I had this afternoon is giving me a mild fever. Now that's something new! Heaty food giving you sore throats, tummyaches are common, but FEVER? Sigh.

oh, and please let me have my second rant haha.
I am deeply envious of all who can sculpt and produce so much stock so fast! I feel like someone has been stealing my hours from me, but actually I know it's because I sit at the computer for crazy periods of time, NOT sculpting. :(

The weather's so chilly and windy, very unlike Singapore now eh, fellow Singaporeans?
Papers and empty boxes are flying all over the house.

-scurries off after them.

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