Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a Simple Orange Slice

i am feeling really lazy today (it's the slightly chilly weather, makes me so sleepyyy.),
so this shall be a short post.


The almond-shaped base measures at 1.5cm in length, and 0.8cm at its widest.

it's for sale HERE.
Clicking on the link would also allow you to read a bubbly-ier description than the lacklustre one here. :)

Oh, how can I forget!

I've been accepted to my first ever exhibition booth at The Doll Affair, happening on 19th December 2009 at Suntec City Convention Hall.
HOWEVER, it is a ticketing event, and tickets are at a rather hefty $12 each, so I wouldn't be asking anyone to come down and support me. Encouraging words would suffice! :)

Now I have to start sculpting and building on my inventory!
I really don't want a near-empty table on 19th December! :)


  1. Those look awesome :D I'm only 13,but I've been (attempting) to make these kind of things lately.School holidays now anaways :D Haha I'll set aside 12 bucks of my allowance to buy from your booth at Suntec!Can't wait.


  2. Hi Jenn! oh wow so you're coming over to the event?? :) that's so awesome, you MUST say hello and tell me who you are alright! :)

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  4. Hahaha okay :D This time is the first time you're running an exhibition booth,right?I'm very excited about the exhibition cause' this is the first time I'm going to a miniature one :D

    -Jenn (I just changed my username xD)

  5. yep it's my first booth ever! :) technically it's more of a dolls' (ball-jointed dolls) event, but there will be quite a feq miniature booths too i bet since they are doll-related. :)