Saturday, November 14, 2009

and my dream tart would be..

Do you like tarts?

I do, and I think these crusty, savoury delights have such a cute name. Tart!

although it wouldn't be too good to call a woman that though, HMM.

these biscuits are always filled with all sorts of tasty treats.

well, we've got the usual and most-loved fruit tarts.
The bright colours of the fruits often 'pop' on the ochre tart shells,
making them seem so much more appetising too.

and then there are the savoury kinds, which are filled with meat or pickled stuffs?

and then of course you've got the kids' favourites (okay who am i kidding, adults love them too).
those that are simply slapped on with dollops of chocolate, and TADAH.

you have chocolate tarts.


What's YOUR favourite tart?

Do tell me about it (or them), so that I can get some inspiration to fill up these empty tart shells! :)


  1. We don't really do tarts here, but I imagine I would love something chock full of raspberry goodness!

  2. I know this may be typical, but I hear tarts and I think strawberries! :) A wonderful woman that used to teach my girl and was from France would make the most wonderful, mouth watering strawberry tarts!
    YUM! Such pretty shells too!

  3. Reisl, I thought strawberry at first too, then she said savory. ;)

    Mushrooms and leeks would be good, don't know how that translates into mini, but, I can almost taste it. ;)

  4. uh. STRAWBERRIES. ok im all for fruit tarts. with like cream. hahahah.or jam.. or nutella with nuts.

    e.t.c!!! =D

  5. I would say the tart is French :D
    Soooo I love just all fruit tarts, just simple apple tart, peach tart, plum tart (the fruit is baked with the tart) or strawberry tart, raspberry tart, berry tart (fruit is place on the tart after baking) lemon tart is nice too (sort of yellow sticky lemony stuff)

    Anyway I love tarts :D But I'm sure you already know that!

    I like your "fonds de tarte" btw very realistic, I should work on mine :)


  6.'re making me so darn hungry girl!

    i would love some pineapple tarts for the chinese new year!

    for normal days...something creamy and cheesey?hehe...

  7. mmmm. raspberries, strawberries, plums, leeks, mushrooms, cream, nutella, chocolate, pineapple.. i'm taking it all in.

    thanks for the inspiration you guys! :) come back to see when the tarts get filled! :)(and hopefully i managed to sculpt your favs!)

  8. OK, I am hungry just from looking at the tart shells themselves! Jocelyn, you get better nad better every time I visit!! FAB JOB!!!