Saturday, October 31, 2009

What a bummer, and a relief in some ways. :)

Hi all! :) I've just been alerted (thanks Stephanie!) to the fact that my comment-box isn't working! EEKS! So that would explain why I have been having 0 comments on some entries!

I'm still trying to search for a better solution, but for now, I've switched it to a pop-up comment form. So to all readers, do try that out (it might take a while to load!) and tell me if it works!

Much love! :)


  1. It works for me too!

  2. whee! :) thanks guys, for responding! :)

  3. Hi Jocelyn, I stumbled upon your site a couple days ago and have spent the last few days going through it.

    I'm just so in awe that you actually made all these tiny, gorgeous work of arts! I especially love the donuts and the cupcakes :)

  4. aww thank you thecoffeesnob! really flattering! :) what a cute name btw! :)

    Do go visit the Mini Food Blog in my list of 'inspiration reads'. There are many talented miniaturists there, and i think you will enjoy seeing their works too! :)