Thursday, October 1, 2009



[in a nutshell version]

Play-withclay is now AiClay, and the site has moved to, so edit your favourite folders now! :) I will be updating there instead!

Why the change in site name? Well, AiClay is more personally relevant than Play-withclay (which I have always felt was pretty generic) as Ai is part of my chinese name, and it means 'love' in Mandarin too, which is really quite apt in describing how I feel towards my creations. :)

My Etsy shop is now up and running, under the name AiClay too. I am really excited about this! For the less informed, Etsy is a WONDERFUL marketplace filled with lovely handcrafted items, and teeming with talented and inspirational artists. 



[the long version]

Now for the very much less condensed version of updates. :)

Firstly, I know I haven't been updating with any creations at all, but I have been busy busy busy sculpting though! Custom orders have been pouring in (somehow they always arrive together! :)), and I am trying to sculpt as efficiently as I can, rushing after the many deadlines!

Here are some of the custom orders that I had have time to photograph. :)

Secondly and MOST IMPORTANTLY! I have just set up my own shop at If you don't know about this site yet, you should head there NOW (okay after the end of my post would be better heehee.). Etsy is a marketplace of QUALITY handmade items showcasing a wonderful variety of mediums (fabric, clay, metal, paintings etc etc!).

My shop is at, or just search AiClay under Sellers in the Search bar at the top of the Etsy site.

This brings me to the FINAL point of this entry!

Which is to announce that Play-withclay is now officially AiClay! I've been scratching my head about whether I should change the name as I know fully well all the repercussions it can bring (change in store banner/packaging/email template, domain change, confusion for customers ETC). However, I have honestly never really felt connected with Play-withclay as my store name.

AiClay is alot more apt since Ai  is part of my Chinese name, and I love that the name has that bit of me in it. Of course, it also means 'love' ( as a noun and verb) in Mandarin. How appropriate since I am wholly in love with the process of sculpting and the clay medium. :)

THUS the store is now renamed to AiClay! And this calls for the change in blog address, to!


[important links] --> for updates on my creations and inspirations! --> to purchase my items directly!


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