Friday, September 4, 2009

Oran-ge O-range

Oran-ge O-range

It's been a while hasn't it? The latest post of waffles received a rush of compliments from strangers and friends, and even got me featured on a miniature blog! :)

I have been busy with doing commissions (also called customisations!) for a loyal customer (hi jane! :)), and thus the lack in updates. But I squeezed in some time to allow my creative juices to flow, and when I opened up my treasure chest of clays, the orange slab stood out.

and HERE you go! ORANGES! :)

some of that dimply orange peel will be removed so that the juicy flesh can be used in pastries. :)

and to show the scale! a tiny bowl of orange slices perched on my finger.

A tart filled with the zest of orange and the richness of dark chocolate. A small swirly chocolate biscuit stick peeks out from a dollop of fresh cream.

to show the scale, perched on the same finger! hahah.

hand me a miniature spoon! i wanna dig into all of this orange goodness! :)


Some shop policy issues!

Note: Edited as of 25th September 2009

As my customer base builds up, I would love to give something back to my loyal customers who have shown such wonderful support for my shop and products! :) Therefore, I have decided to create a loyalty programme! LDV will be a permanent fixture in my shop, until further notice.

If you have purchased at least $150 worth (not inclusive of shipping or packaging costs) from my shop, do redeem your LDV by quoting "LDV" in your email subject title, and it entitles you to 20% discount off your next purchase. If you accumulate another $150 worth (not inclusive of the cost of item which LDV was used, and of shipping/packaging costs), you can then claim another LDV. :)


Alright, that's all folks! Hope everyone's doing fine! :)

Mini hugs!

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