Monday, October 5, 2009

1/12th Scale - Salmon Sushi

I can't stand seeing the blog so bare of photos. So here's a photo of my latest item for sale at AiClay - Salmon Sushi! (I'm very lucky that my first item sold very quickly to a fabulous lady!) It's a re-shoot of my previous photos, and I'm loving the salmon color. :) It reminds me of the Friends epiode where Ross searches for his pink salmon-coloured shirt, any of you guys remember??

And Happy (Belated) Mid-autumn (not that mid-autumn has much significance in one-season Singapore :( ) to everyone celebrating it! I've been planning and researching on ways to make that perfect mooncake in miniature, but the custom-made items list just kept growing and now the actual day has passed and I haven't sculpted that out yet! :(

I will get that sculpted and take photos SOON though, so look out for that! :)

For the non-Chinese readers, Mid-autumn festival is a celebration which falls on the day when the moon is supposedly the biggest and roundest (i forgot to look out the window this year!). And it usually means eating lots of mooncakes (pretty little cakes with fillings), sipping Chinese tea and carrying candle-lit lanterns around neighbourhoods. :)

This brings back so many fond childhood memories of this festival. :)


  1. I just ate some salmon sushi, and these are incredible realistic Jocelyn!! The color is SPOT ON!! I am giving you an award which you can pick up soon, on my blog :-D!!

  2. hi Kiva! :) oohhh my first ever blog award! i would be looking forward to that!