Thursday, October 29, 2009

Itsy-bitsy fondant hearts!

Roll out miniature fondant, press in miniature cookie cutter. Repeat 482 times.
Presto, miniature fondant hearts! :)

When you've got a dozen fondant hearts cut out, place them in a heap in a glass bowl.
Keep them in the fridge to keep them cool, and for use in further baking sessions.

okay, actually i haven't made fondant in real life. So I'm just guessing that's how you would store them! :P
Any experienced real-life bakers out there, do advise me!

Miniature cookie cutters, in assortment of shapes.
They are handmade by me entirely. It took me ages to finally grasp how to make them, and to find the material, so it's a secret for now! :X

But I can reveal that it isn't perfectly hard all around like regular cookie cutters, instead they are of a softer material, but you will still be able to cut out shapes with them!
I actually used the heart-cutter pictured to cut out these heart fondants.

The smallest heart-cutter measures 0.4cm high and 0.3cm in width, and is suitable for 12th scale miniatures!


 Missing a miniature heart.


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  1. Hi, it seems like if the cutter were made with the metallic part of a wood pencil! :)
    I love your miniatures, you are an inspiration! WOW :)
    bye from Switzerland