Sunday, October 25, 2009

a random but delicious spread. :)

My lucky cousin got himself a DSLR that day, and because we were having a family gathering afterwards at my place, he tried out the macro on my miniatures.

and WOW. these are his (and my other cousin's) works.

 I know, I'm not a big fan of the grey background here too, but I'm loving the lighting and the focus!

 and the focus here isn't on my miniatures, but rather the tiny sugar pot. but the clarity is still amazing!

oh well, just gushing for now. Can't afford such a luxury yet, but thankfully my reliable Sony DSC-T70 has a pretty powerful macro, so that would do for now. :)


  1. WOW! Your work is simply amazing!!!

  2. ehhhh beautiful work! steal your cousin's cam ;) make a mini and swap it :E :D

    psst, i got my alley goop! it's WONDERFUL! there was a decent lead time for me to mix it, and it took a tad longer than 6 mins (as promised on the label) to cure, but it cures reasonably flexible!

    just thought i'd drop by and let you know since i recall i promised that i know la, i'm very forgetful de....

    btw, where did you get that amazing sugar pot!! OMG *dies*

  3. Cindy! :) hahha my cousin would just stare at me blindly if i wanted to swap his camera. and guess what, the other cousin purchased another DSLR too! SHEESHH. $1.6K lar!

    ooh the alley goop! thanks for remembering! hahha. wonderful, i wanna see what you make with it! hee. :)

    that sugar pot is pretty right! i purchased a huge amount of stuffs from here -->, and that was one of them!

    Mostly dishes and baskets. It's Singapore-based so you can save on shipping! i was so happy when i found the site. :) and the sugar pots is my favourite item from the entire stack. i think it was reasonably priced if i'm not wrong. Have fun shopping there! :)

  4. OH, i just got what you meant about the swapping. you meant like making a replica right! hahah, damn i'm slow! and btw, very ciao but i just finished sculpting a dslr for one of my customisations actually. hahah.

  5. Those are so cute! I just love minatures!

  6. thank you SleightGirl! :) I love them very much too, sculpting and gawking at others' creations! :)