Thursday, October 22, 2009

let's put a hole in it and call it a dough-nut!

at least that's how I think doughnuts (now donuts!) came into existence. :)

I've been fussing over sculpting these miniature donuts for a day,
here are some pretty photos to show them off! :)

Crullers and chocolate donuts straight out of the baking tray!
Yummm, piping hot, and dripping with warm chocolate!

A stack of assorted donuts.
My favourite is clearly the one with a little chocolate heart, as you will see in photos below. haha.

Unglazed crullers, in a high heap.

i like my donuts simple. plain, with just a light brush of glaze.

This would look fitting in a miniature dessert spread.

Playing around with photobucket again. :)

the matchstick is out for scale reference!

these miniature donuts measure approximately around 0.8cm - 1cm in diameter. :)

and here's a picture that deviates a bit from the rest, in all its melancholic sadness.

I would be popping some of them into my Etsy shop soon. :)
It's dinner time here now, and I'm hungry for some of them donuts!


  1. hi!! got your message!
    try sending me your image and ill see what is going on. someone else had some issues and i think i figured out what was wrong.

  2. hello danni! :) i followed what you did in the later comments about putting it just before the /html code, and it WORKS!! :) thanks so much for the awesome tutorial too again! :)