Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cutest name ever - Kueh Tu Tu.

The search is over, guys. I've found the food with the cutest name ever.

It's the kueh tutu!

Seriously, doesn't that just sound adorable! kueh tutu.

I mean I wouldn't want to name my baby after it or something, but I think it definitely ranks high in cute-factor amongst other food names like the serious-sounding profiterole (there is a financial term in it!) or the eyebrow-raising crepe (So many of us here pronounce it as 'crap'. lol).

Disclaimer: The latter two foods are still EXTREMELY delicious.


Alright, so I've strayed too far off topic. 

Back to kueh tutus. (I know I'm wearing the name out.)


To the non-Singaporean, it might be the first time you're seeing this pasty-looking dessert.
Some quick facts from Wikipedia.

Kueh Tutu is a traditional Singaporean delicacy. Made primarily from rice flour or glutinous rice flour, the light snack contains either ground peanut and sugar or shredded coconut as filling. The typical method of preparation involves rapid steaming of the flour and the filling. Once ready, the Tutu is served on pandan leaves to add fragrance.

 I played around with Picasa's effects, and achieved this vintage-y feel.


These kueh tutus were commissioned and made into earrings. Each kueh measures at 1cm in length.

I meant to write an entry all about reminiscing about how as a child, I used to watch the kueh tutu aunty make the kuehs and I was so intrigued that I told myself that will be my job one day.


But now this entry's all about food and their names. But it's strange, ain't it. How we humans attribute character to inanimate objects like foods, colors, names. It's like this innate desire to humanize everything.

Tell me any foods which you deem as having character! 
Like the macho Root Beer, or the sexy salsa dip. Haha.


  1. That description of the dessert sounds delicious! And your earrings turned out fantastic. So cute!!

  2. Those ARE adorable!!!!
    I love I think it's fun to say, and it's an elegant dessert too! =D

  3. I like the name of Toad in the Hole, just because it grosses people out, even though it's delicious! In case you don;t know what it is; it's sausages cooked in a dish of savoury batter (like for a crêpe), but it is baked in the oven so the batter rises up. The sausages poke out, like little toads in holes. See, it's not so gross really!

  4. Very cute and they sound delicious, Jocelyn. Oh, and there's a little bit of sunshine for you over on my blog. :0)

  5. The texture on those is amazing! I thought they were real and I don't mean that in a "mini food" kind of way, I mean really real!

  6. Wonderful!! And your photos are stunning as always!!

  7. Wow these are amazing!!! I would LOVE a kueh tu tu necklace. Do you make necklaces dear? :)

  8. Angelina thank you! :) Do you eat the kueh often?

    Deborah, oh I so agree with you! ti-ra-mi-su, I'm loving the syllables!

    A-M, that is the first time I've heard of that dish! I do love how the name comes from the sausages poking out, that's cute!

    De, thank you for the award! :) but almost everyone I know has received the award already, but still thank you for thinking of me! :)

    Susan, aww that's flattering! :) Thank you!

    Jacqueline, thank you! I put a lot of effort into my photography and I really appreciate comments on them. :)

    Dongni, hello!! :) Ohh I definitely do! Do email me at with more details k! :)

  9. cuuuuute! :)

    they look so good, they look real! :)

  10. Dale, aww thank you! :) real is good! hehh.

  11. Very pretty! There is a blog award for you on my blog but you have to tell seven things about yourself no one knows to post it! True confession time!


  12. Jody, thank you! I've already spilled those 7 things before in a previous award hahaha, but I'll post new secrets once I've thought of them! :)

    Strawberry Anarchy, thank you! :)