Thursday, February 4, 2010

Apples of her eye.

I haven't been coming up with products for non-collectors of miniatures for a really long time.

But finally, here's a reason for you all to come to my shop!


The idea of dangling miniature apples off earrings is really an idea of my dear friend (rossiepoo are you reading this? :)).

The apples are not in 12th scale, because that would mean it's almost only visible as a pair of dancing red dots beneath your ears, heh heh. Therefore, I have sculpted these to be bigger.

"All the better to see them with", says the big bad wolf.

The earring loops are 3.3cm long and miniature apples measure 1.1cm tall and wide.


I have so many big ideas up my sleeves right now, and they involve YOU (yes you, who's reading this!) so I know you will be mighty excited when I get to share it with you. 

But I want to run through all of the nitty gritty details first, before letting this plan out of the bag.
It will really need all of your support to make it a blast, so YOU have to stay tuned alright! :)

-off to draw more mindmaps in my sketchbook.


  1. These apples are super realistic!! I mean like...well I can't explain it....

    But I'm excited about getting involved :)

  2. LOVE these...just so beautifully simple...and very pretty! Can't wait to find out what you have planned!!

  3. of course i'm reading this, joce. am a fan of ur blog! :) can't wait to get my hands on these apples! Keep going, girl! :)

  4. Pattie and Jacqueline, awww you girls always make me smile so! :) and I know, I can't wait to spill it all too! :)

    Ros, hoorayyyy my fan-friend!! hahah kidding la. And do you really want those apples, no pressure k? If yes, I'll adjust the shipping charges so that you can purchase it from Etsy! :)