Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's a big small!

A big small is what you call something that is big in the small world.

and usually, it will still be small. :)

Okay fine, I just made that up five seconds ago.

It was nearing evening when I took the photos, and the sun was hanging low.
I happily caught a shot with the miniature cookies bathed in the warm sun rays.

The big small.

The cookie measures at 1.3cm in average diameter.

Of course, someone had to chew off a bit. It's chocolate and cookie, for heaven's sakes.

Nom nom nom nom nom nom. 

I can type that forever.



  1. Cuuute! I was showing my mom pictures of all your goodies yesterday and she said everything on your site looks good enough to eat! It's true!

  2. Adorable...and YUM! These are just so cute...and amazing as always!

  3. angeline, awww thank your mom for me! :D

    Jacqueline, now YOUR most recent flower design, that's amazing. :) Thank you! :)

    Pattie, thank you so much for always popping by! I really appreciate it! :) and thank you for your compliments!

  4. Lovely cookies, AiClay! I love your Etsy items and am so happy to have joined Team Mids there! And glad to find your blog through Dale's Dreams!